Certified Wrap   KGAW


This is the “Certified Wrap” plan.  These plans supplement the factory Powertrain coverage that is already in place from the manufacturer through their certification process on pre-owned vehicles.  These plans do NOT duplicate the factory Powertrain coverage.

To see coverage details for the plan, click the link below:

Certified Pre-Owned Wrap

Benefits for All KGAW Plans:

Vehicle Protection: Kornerstone will pay for the costs of parts and labor for covered repairs.

National Acceptance: Kornerstone contracts are accepted by repair facilities nationwide. The selling dealer, or other network store, should be used when within a reasonable distance.  In the event that a network repair facility is not available, Kornerstone can work with any licensed repair facility in the United States or Canada through a credit card authorization process.

Rental Reimbursement: If you have a covered repair and are in need of a rental vehicle during the covered repair, Kornerstone will allow rental coverage with no deductible from a licensed rental agency. Kornerstone will pay or reimburse up to thirty-five dollars ($35) for every eight (8) hours, or portion thereof, of applicable labor required to complete the covered repair, up to a maximum of $245 per occurrence.

Towing Coverage: The Kornerstone plan provides for towing reimbursement, up to one-hundred dollars ($100) per occurrence.

Increased Resale Value: If you sell your vehicle, most plans allow the remaining Kornerstone coverage to be transferred to the new owner, allowing you the possibility of higher resale price.