Theft Protection FAQs


The Terms and Conditions sections of your contract can be used to answer most questions. If you do not have a copy, your selling dealer can provide one. Here are the most common questions:

What is Theft Protection?

Theft Protection is a theft deterrent program. The method of deterrent depends on which dealer provides the product. If your vehicle is stolen and not recovered within 30 days (or declared a total loss by your insurance provider), Theft Protection pays you a direct cash benefit.

How do I file a Theft Protection claim?

Here is a list of the required documents to file a claim with Kornerstone:

  1. A complete copy of Primary Insurance Settlement Statement
  2. A copy of the theft/police report (this is the officer’s narrative that you must request from the police department)
  3. A copy of the original dealership buyer’s order (Motor Vehicle Contract of Sale)
  4. Some plans include reimbursement for incidental costs, even if the vehicle is recovered and is not a total loss.  If your plan includes this benefit, submit receipts for those incidental costs

This documentation must be provided to Kornerstone. Please refer to the Contact Us page for contact information.

Some Theft Protection contracts include down payment assistance on your replacement vehicle.  To qualify for this benefit, you must purchase your replacement vehicle through the same selling dealer within 120 days of the loss.  Have the finance manager at the selling dealer call Kornerstone to check for eligibility and apply this benefit.  This benefit will be sent directly to the dealer as a down payment on the replacement vehicle.

How do I file an Identity Theft Claim?

Some Theft Protection contracts are also paired with an Identity Theft Recovery benefit.  If you have this benefit and believe you have suffered an identity theft loss, please contact ID Advocates, LLC at 877-338-4338.  You can also visit their website at