Prepaid Maintenance FAQ’s


What is prepaid maintenance?

Prepaid maintenance is a package of services that saves you money on your vehicle’s regular maintenance by prepaying for the services.

How do I schedule my services?

You can schedule your services by calling your selling dealer or visiting their online service scheduler.

What if I forget I have a prepaid maintenance plan?

Your selling dealer can always look up your prepaid maintenance plan and tell you how many services you have left. If it’s time for an oil change they will also send you a reminder that you still have services you’ve paid for.

What if I no longer own my vehicle and still have services remaining?

If you have another vehicle that uses the same type and similar quantity of oil, you can transfer the remaining services to the other vehicle.  Please contact Kornerstone to transfer the remaining services.  If you do not have a qualifying vehicle, you may cancel the contract.  Cancellations deduct the retail value of services received (not the discounted value) and a $25 cancellation fee.  Any remaining value will be refunded to you, or to your lien holder if the product was financed.  Please contact your selling dealer for cancellation requests.